Can I count on you?

    If you want to choose Alberta’s next leader, you need to have a current membership in the Progressive Conservative party. If you support what I stand for, join the party and vote for me. Membership deadline is September 3.

    I have made campaign commitments … 42 so far, with more to come. I am keeping track because I will keep my word.

    Are you “good to go”?

    Have you purchased your PC membership?
    You can do that right here.
    Have you received confirmation that you are eligible to vote?
    If not, call the PC help line at 1-800-461-4443. If you have not received your confirmation you might not be eligible to vote. Perhaps your information did not match with the voters’ list, or perhaps there’s another problem which needs to be fixed before September 3.
    Have you received your PIN and voting information?
    Information has been mailed to PC members who prefer traditional mail. PINs are being emailed to members on Tuesday. If you do not receive a PIN, call the PC elections help line at 1-844-244-2014 or email .

    How to vote

    PC members will vote online, by telephone and in person on Sept. 5 and 6. More information is here.

    Improving education

    - I will change diploma exams, implement a tax credit for classroom supplies, and reduce education red tape. Read more…

    Taking a stand

    - The federal government’s changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program will harm Alberta’s communities and economy (Facebook post) .
    - We need to reconsider whether closing the Michener Centre in Red Deer is the best approach for families (Calgary Herald story)

    Formulating policy

    Quality of life is determined at the breakfast table, not the boardroom table.
    Under my leadership, government will:

    - bring in new ideas
    - be more open and accountable
    - improve social programs
    - build infrastructure we can afford
    - diversify our economy

    What’s on your mind?

    Take my first aid poll.

    Tell me what you think, and help me develop policy.

    I’m at lots of public events, and would love to meet you.

    Sunday at noon, I’m in the Calgary Pride Parade (Centre St. and Stephen Ave. S.)
    After 5:00, I’m back in Edmonton at the Dozynki Festival, Polish Country Lodge (17515 – 127 St.)
    See my schedule

    Event pictures are on my Facebook page.

    In the news

    I incurred high data charges in 2012. I am apologizing for that.

    Recent stories: profiles on CTV and New Canadian Media  .

    What people say

    At an event in Edmonton, people said I’m honest, real and approachable. Watch video…

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