I believe that quality of life is determined at the breakfast table, not the boardroom table. As leader, my government will focus on the programs which matter in Albertans’ daily lives. Read my commitment to supporting social programs…

I have written to the PC Party about an open candidates’ debate. Read more…

My ideas for diversifying the economy: Alberta can feed more people, heal more people, and energize more communities. Read more…

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Please join some conversations about how we frame tomorrow in Alberta.

- The federal government has changed the Temporary Foreign Worker program and I think their choices will harm Alberta’s communities and economy (Facebook post) .

- The Alberta government is closing the Michener Centre in Red Deer, and I think we need to reconsider whether this is the best approach for families (Calgary Herald story)

My first campaign statement:
I arrived in Alberta in the back of my parents’ car. If they had chosen another province, it’s difficult to say where I would be today. I know I wouldn’t be here, running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Association. In Alberta, it’s your ideas and your energy that matter, not who you know or where you came from.

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What’s on your mind?

Let’s talk about you! I’m at lots of public events, and would love to meet you.

Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, I am in Lloydminster. Drop by the Second Cup between 7 and 9 pm Monday, or Albert’s Pastry Shop between 1 and 3 on Tuesday.

August 6, I’m speaking at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.
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In the news

I have released policy ideas on social programs, and they are getting coverage in the Edmonton Journal and 770NewsTalkRadio and St. Albert Gazette (p3).

Recent stories: profiles in New Canadian Media and Asian News, and an interview with Indian PTC Television .

What people say

At a recent event in Edmonton, people said I’m honest, real and approachable. Watch video…

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